My use of various cameras can be traced back for many years.
Thanks to the passion for photography that my father also had; camera bodies, lenses and the latest and greatest were always available at home.
I started off with capturing some experiences with a little Minolta SR t 101. After that I moved on to the single reflex YASHICA 200AF with 20/70 and a 70/210 zoom lense that over the years gave me great satisfaction. I used it to capture various family vacations and the birth of my frist son, Matthew.
My first digital Fugifilm came as a reward from Esso fuel points. My experience with this compact digital brought me to my purchase of a Canon Powershot S45 with more technical characteristics for Christmas 2002. I remember the S45 well. With the proper settings I achieved excellent results without ever having any problems. In my free time aboard my motorcycle it was a faithful companion. I gave it up after more than 10,000 shots.
In my mind there was always the dream of a digital reflex and in December 2006 the Canon EOS 400D was finally mine!
This is the camera that gave me satisfaction and attention at a competitive level, helping me with 2 competitions and with that my passion grew. My attention to the details has always given me the push to find ”the perfect shot”. Slowly but surely I increased my collection of lenses. The 70-200 f2.8 “L” , the 17/40 f4 “L”, the 24/70 f2.8 “L” … and many more.
In December 2007 I sold the 400D and in it’s place arrived the Canon 30D APS-L semipro. Made of a Magnesium alloy the 30D has a CMOS sensor with about 8.5 megapixels and a DIGIC II processor. A pentaprism viewfinder. Exposure with central spot metering. Max shutter speed of 1/8000. 5 photos / second (constant speed for 30 JPEG and 11 RAW images). Better ISO sensitivity 100-1600 (increments of 1/3 stop) ISO and up to H:3200.
I felt good but I didn’t stop there.
On the 1st of January I got my first full frame. The Canon EOS 5d. It was a dream but by January 2012 it was already on the shelf.
It was time for a new companion. The Canon EOS 5D MKII.

On 2019 I passed at Canon 5D Mk III.

At 2022 decided to do another step forward, keeping the MkIII, taking the Canon EOS R5